Evaluation Seminar – Are you ready?

Hi all,
There´s only one week left for the Closing Seminar! We cannot wait to see you all!.
You can visit the SCFY project’s website. Have a look this week because we´ll be uploading all the information:  http://www.suitcasecircus.eu/
I send you some practical information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at:
ohiane [at] everythingispossible [dot] eu


1.    Contacts:
Vanesa Zambrano – coming soon
Pauline – coming soon
Ohiane – 00447456749587
Raphael – 007738196611 (Whatsapp/Viber)


You will have to make your way from airport to the hotel. You can see below few links with different options you have to arrive there.
–    Bus www.tiendaleon.com/resultados/Busqueda/bus
International Airport: Ezeiza
City Centre: Terminal Madero


We will be in a nice hotel in Buenos Aires, where the host organisation is based.
We’ve reserved twin rooms for all.
The hotel is called Hotel Boca, based in the city, in San Telmo. The address is Tacuarí 243 – Buenos Aires.
There will be towels in the room, and wifi and few more things .
For further information, please check the Holes Boca’s website:

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4.    VENUE.
The main activities will have place at the circus school of “El Circo social del Sur”
CheLa- calle Iguazú 451
Parque Patricios- Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

We’ll go all together from the accommodation to the Circus School by minibus so don’t worry about that.

5.    Have I send everything to Ohiane?
– The number of the mobile I will take with me in Argentina.
– The boarding passes for the return trip to Buenos Aires (if you haven´t done it yet).
– The Hosting Project Information (The template  of the Description of the project filled)
– The Midterm Evaluation (if you haven´t done it yet).

6. “Have I got everything I need?”
For the activities:
– Some food and drinks from my region/country and typical Music (USB).
– My very short presentation (no longer than 5 min. no video). If needed, short powerpoint) about my region/country for the Intercultural evening and optional, leaflets, typical costume and a flag from your country.
– The presentation of the Workshops I’ve done for the Project Suitcase Circus For Youth. (maximum 5 min)

– Passport / ID.
– All my tickets and receipts that I will need to keep and give to Everything Is Possible.
– For Visibility/Dissemination: USB key (or DVD, external drive)  with pictures, videos, testimonies (even those you already sent) of the SCFY workshops activities. It would be great if you could sort pictures by workshops you did, with dates.
+ copies of all other documents created (poster, leaflets….) and newspaper articles.

– Clothes please, keep in mind that the weather will be milled (10-28C) but it could be cold in the evenings.
– Some sport clothes for the activities and workshops in the big top.
– Adaptor if you’re coming from Europe.
7. What I don’t need in my suitcase?
– Towels (you will have one in your room).
– Too much food and drink. Don’t forget that everyone will bring some food and drinks, so don’t bring too much. I advise you to bring what you think you could eat and drink in one meal! The cultural evening will be on the Tuesday evening, so be very careful with what you will bring especially dairy.

8. What I need to keep in mind during the travel:
Keep all receipts, tickets, boarding passes (we will not be able to reimburse you without these documents).
We will not reimburse taxi! If is not reserved through a company that facilitate INVOICES and you justify why you couldn’t take public transport.