Testimony – Ohiane’s project in Estonia



Ohiane Uranga from England tells us about her mobility project with Tsirkus Folie ( Tallinn, Estonia):

My name is Ohiane Uranga, I’m actually working in a circus school in England and my main motivation to participate in this project was to learn new resources to teach, to share ideas, to see new contemporary circus performances and to get some feedback from professionals about an aerial piece I’m working on.

I’ve been 12 days in Tallin, Estonia, with two other participants Rika Taeymans, director of Cirkus in Beweging from Belgium and Nicola Hemsley, director of Organised Kaos from Wales. The project was hosted by Terjesome from Tsirkus Folie.
The first week there was an International Contemporary Circus, Circus Tree Festival. During this week I had the chance to see amazing circus performances from companies from Finland, Estonia, France and Sweden. They were also holding at the same time a seminar of a Network from Nordic Baltic Circus companies.

“we delivered Circus workshops for children and their parents”

During this week I learn a lot. We helped decorating the park where the main activities where hold during the festival, we delivered Circus workshops for children and their parents, we helped with drop in circus workshops, we saw some rehearsals, we visited the circus school, participate in some workshops and I also had the chance to perform my silks piece.
We had some free time on Sunday and Monday and we went to visit the seaside and the countryside. We went to visit a beautiful forest and we pick cherries from the garden of an amazing old man. Estonia it’s a beautiful country and I found Estonian really honest and gentle and kind people.

“Job shadowing”

The second week was quite different but as interesting as the first. We did mainly job shadowing in the circus school as all the classes had just started and was good to see different methods. We also helped with the Wisdom Day event, first day of school and the children from the circus school performed in the square of freedom. We had an interesting Directors meeting about management, funding, communication and problem solving. I also had the chance to train aerial with young professional performers.

“I came back inspired and motivated to do better”

Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I’ve learn so many things personally and professionally, I came back inspired and motivated to do better and keep improving and most important of all I know I’ve made friends with the same passion. I hope many other young circus trainers and professionals have the chance to have this enriching opportunity to share, learn and inspire each other to keep working and helping people through Circus.