Participants’ To Do list


Dear participant,

You are about to start your Suitcase Circus SCREAM mobility project abroad. As part of this experience you will have to undertake a few actions to ensure the visibility of this project.

This project is funded by the European programme Erasmus+. As part of the programme, we have to ensure the visibility of the project and its funders. This means we need to do what we can to make sure lots of people around the world hear about the project. They also want to know what you have done and what you have learned.  We (Everything is Possible and the SC partners) also want to inspire other people to do similar project than the one you’re about to start.

Your tasks are very simple. Here is the list of what you have to do. We added to this page all the administrative task you need to undertake for this project, in orange.


During your project:

  • Keep your BOARDING PASSES and tickets!
  • Enjoy!
  • Communicate!  If there’s a problem talk with your hosting organisation, if it doesn’t work contact your sending organisation or Everything is Possible (Clair or Ohiane).
  • Take pictures of you in your project (activities, but also free time). You need to appear on all the pictures you will send us: Do not hesitate to ask other people (colleagues, tutor) to take pictures of you in action (for example teaching a skill to others or learning something from your hosting organisation). It is important that you appear on the pictures, in action, not looking at the camera. But we will also welcome pictures of performances and some group pictures especially if it’s a picture with – for example – your certificate. TIPS: In order to avoid blurry effect especially for the pictures in action, you can – when possible – freeze your action to give the time to someone to take the picture. We prefer pictures in landscape format! Here are a few examples of great pictures:

  • Write a testimony (A4) about your project, at the end of your mobility. Your text should be around an A4 document long (no more). Here are some ideas of what you could speak about:
    □    Present  yourself,  your situation before leaving and your motivation to participate in this project…
    □    What did you do in your project?
    □    How was your accommodation and food arranged?
    □    Was there a language barrier? Cultural shock?
    □    What did you do during your free time?
    □    What did you learn professionally?
    □    What did you learn personally?
    □    Would you recommend this Erasmus+ project to others?
    □ It would be great if you could finish this testimony with a sentence starting by ”Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I now … (something you’ve learnt or feel more confident to do for example).
  • Write a small paragraph (half of a A4) about a new method you’ve learnt in your hosting project (circus skill or teaching method, etc)
  • Publish news about yourself on social media. If you use Twitter please add @SuitcaseCircusY or @eispossible to your tweets. If you use Facebook please link your Tweet to our Everything is Possible page so we can share it!
  • Send pictures and testimony before the end of your project to Raphael: raphael [at] everythingispossible [dot] eu . We will publish your testimony on the website and promote it on social media and E-Newsletter. Please make sure he receive everything. If he doesn’t answer you, it means he hasn’t receive your documents.
  • We will also ask you to fill an evaluation form.


At the end of your project:

  • Give your boarding passes to your sending organisation.
  • Fill your evaluation


6 month after your project:

  • Answer a short survey, which will help us to evaluate the impact this project had on yourself.