About the project

Suitcase Circus: SCREAM (Social Circus; recognising educational activity methodologies) has been developed by a partnership of organisations working in the field of Circus. Circus as an education field is unrecognised in many countries. Informal and non-formal education projects being delivered to young people with fewer opportunities through social circus are considered to be ‘youth activities’ with little recognition of the significant impact on young people’s personal development. Circus degree’s often referred to as ‘Clown Degree’s’ again do not recognise the magnitude of the training, fitness and ability young people undertaking such studies must develop to achieve this qualification which is arguably one of the hardest degrees to gain.

We will concern our partnership with three objectives:

  1. The recognition of circus as a method of education
  2. The synergy to be achieved by partners from different educational sectors co-operating together
  3. Circus educators professional development to be achieved through international mobility


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