Partners’ To Do list

Dear partner,
As you may have seen, the website has changed. But you can still access to all the blogs published about the previous project ‘Suitcase Circus’. For Suitcase Circus SCREAM we are also planning to publish regularly news about the project as soon as the mobility projects start.

As part of the project, you will have to undertake a few actions in order to ensure the visibility of this project.

This project is funded by the European programme Erasmus+. As part of the programme, we have to ensure the visibility of the project and its funders. This means we need to do what we can to make sure lots of people around the world hear about the project. The main reason for us is that, because we believe in the impact that this kind of programme can have on participants, we want as many people as we can to know about it and therefore get the chance to be involved.


We added to this page all the administrative task you need to do undertake for this project, in orange.


Your tasks are very simple. You will have to:
About the whole project:

  • Identify the person responsible of the Suitcase Circus – SCREAM visibility in your organisation and send his/her contact to Raphael ( raphael [at] everythingispossible [dot] eu .
  • Create a space on your website/blog about Suitcase Circus – SCREAM and send the link to Raphael. Click here to download logos and banners (including individuals banner with your organisation logo).
  • Publish info about each person you send/host on your website/blog/social media – (with link to the Suitcase Circus – SCREAM website). The easiest option would be to publish the link to the testimony when it is published on the SC SCREAM website.
  • Participate to the E-Newsletter if needed.
  • Answer to the studies if needed.
  • OPTIONAL You’re more than welcome to contact media (newspaper, radio, TV, blogs). If you do so, don’t forget to mention that Suitcase Circus – SCREAM is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Please keep a copy and send it to Raphael
  • OPTIONAL If your organisation has a digital or printed newsletter, do not hesitate to publish news about the project. Again don’t forget to mention the partner and send it to Raphael.


About the participants:

  • Inform Clair & Ohiane about who is travelling when and where as soon as possible.
  • Book the flight and send to Clair & Ohiane the booking confirmation. Please make sure that the participants know that they have to keep BOARDING PASSES.
  • Inform us Clair & Ohiane who do you want to receive the diet allowance (hosting or sending)
    Make sure that the participant understands what the project entails ( opportunities, expectations, requirements). We suggest to have a pre-departure meeting. You can ask Clair or Ohiane for help/ support in this.
  • Contact us if there is any problem. Ohiane is on WhatsApp: +44 7456749587.
  • Raphael would like to send an email to each participant before they start their project, to explain them what they need to do. Please send the email of participants you are sending at least 2 weeks before their departure. Please make sure they receive it and understand what they need to do in term of visibility.
  • Either you are the sending or hosting organisation, make sure that the participants fulfil all the tasks they need to do (Support them if needed. E.g. Take pictures of them). They need to send to Raphael, pictures and testimonies and some other information: click here for more information about those tasks.
  • Give a certificate to the participant you host at the end of the project. Click here to download the certificate.


Visibility Guide:

In order to support you in all those tasks we created a Visibility guide with more information on what to do and tips on how to do it. Click here to download the english version.