Evaluation seminar – Day 3 – Circus workshop and activities for kids

Start of the day 3 with a small warm-up! https://t.co/p8G0A91GqR — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 29, 2014   Fantastic Clown workshop with Jean! https://t.co/VxBZ2tY9tV — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 29, 2014   Our@suitcasecircusFY participants are learning Clown skills w @paraguasrojocr Good start with this ridiculous ballet! http://t.co/rehFpaIrI3 — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 29, 2014   Fantastic moment …

Evaluation seminar – Day 2 – SC activities, Evaluation and Intercultural evening

Argentina is now presenting their Suitcase Circus activities pic.twitter.com/rDqqJYClOY — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 28, 2014   Our Mexican partner explains that they worked with young minors in jail. At the end they produced a show. pic.twitter.com/AMiPNfAcON — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 28, 2014   After the presentation of each partners’ Suitcase Circus activities… It’s time for lunch! …

Evaluation seminar – Day 1 – Arrivals and welcoming

After month of Circus activities, the evaluation seminar in Argentina has officially started! @suitcasecircusFY pic.twitter.com/6dhaFsrbNH — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 27, 2014   Start of our @suitcasecircusFY seminar… 30 names to learn! https://t.co/wZWxqf5WAM — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 27, 2014   Lots of fun already! https://t.co/HmbrGeG5zK — Suitcase Circus FY (@SuitcaseCircusY) October 27, 2014 Email this page

Evaluation seminar – Pre-workshops

A few days before the beginning of the evaluation seminar, SCFY partners met in Buenos Aires to discuss the timetable and offer a workshop to some young disabled people in the local community. They organised various activities: presentation games, circus dynamic and a circuit with various circus techniques. Email this page

Evaluation Seminar – Are you ready?

Hi all, There´s only one week left for the Closing Seminar! We cannot wait to see you all!. You can visit the SCFY project’s website. Have a look this week because we´ll be uploading all the information:  http://www.suitcasecircus.eu/ I send you some practical information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at: ohiane [at] everythingispossible [dot] …

60 young people sharing their ‘Suitcase Circus’ skills in Argentina

EN – On Sunday 21st September, our Argentinian partner Circo Social Del Sur, performed “A Day at the Circus”, offering to young people trained through the project Suitcase Circus the opportunity to perform, practice and share during a day. We spent the day at Circo Social Del Sur with 60 young entrepreneurs from Ashoka “Avancemos” program. Email this page