Aerial Yoga Class – Method learned by Isabel Van Maele in the UK

Isabel Van Maele from Cirkus In Beweging (Leuven, Belgium) presents a method she learned during her mobility project in the UK:
What was really new for me, was the practice of aerial yoga.
I got the chance to join a aerial yoga class. You use a kind of aerial silks, rigged hammock wise, and in different positions you can do work outs, or get some stretches in the body.
I joined two sessions of aerial yoga with disabled people and witnessed how they benefit from the tractions, strectching and free flow – floating of the body.  Amazing caring work the teachers are doing here! The participants were getting some creative exercices in the second part of the session, and were enjoying this a lot as well…dreaming already of the show they want to create in the next project.  Funding is beeing seeked!

The school also runs aerial adult classes. This course is quite popular, in Belgium too. It is rather a tecnical training, than a artistical one but there is the freedom to work on routines too. I observed, learned new tricks on the vertical rope and trapeze and shared some of mine. Took over one group as well, as the teacher couldn’t make it that they. It felt good to be appreciated by the students, all beginners.