Basic skills for a clown workshop – Method learned by Tine in Chile

Tine from Cirkus in Beweging (Belgium) presents a new method she’s learned during her mobility project at El Circo Del Mundo in Chile:

The basics for clown that is usefull in classes for children:

–    You have to experience the pleasure to be a clown

So you have to start the class with different plays, so the children have confidence and feeling joyfull.
Every person get a paper with the name of a part of an animal family (mama bear, papa bear, little bear // monkey// bird //..). you have to act like the name on your paper and search the other membres of your family. When the family is complete, the teacher will give the family a scene to act.

–    Work with the clownnose

This will be a mask that can give confience to act, to be a clown.
You can make it very special to give everybody his own nose with a ritual.
Everytime you have to do an exercis, you put the nose.

–    The look is very important


  • You imagine you have a baby in your arms and you talk with the baby/ then you start to talk to the public in the same way, with your eyes very open/ then you start to talk about a very sad thing using the same voice
  • You are with a group of clowns and you have to open an imaginaded door, every time the door opens you have to act an different emocion. The clowns who opens the door choose the emocion. The importance is to act together and to connect with the public with your eyes, very open.

–    A clown have to deal with problems


  • Sing a song while you are sitting down on a balloon on a chair, and you have to do it without letting the public know you are in a very difficult situation. The goal is sitting on the balloon without to break the balloon. Don’t forget to look at the public with your eyes wide open.
  • Make a train with 4 people and 3 balloons. You start with 2 people and 1 balloon, and then you let the train grown with 1 more clown and 1 balloon,… When the 4 clowns and 3 balloons are in the train, they have to switch position without any balloon who touch the ground. The clowns have to act that everything is really ok, and have to look all the time at the public with eyes wide open.