Method learned by Ohiane – Creation of performances

Ohiane Uranga from England presents a new method she’s learned during her mobility project with Tsirkus Folie ( Tallinn, Estonia):

I learn some new resources that allows creative exploration in the process of the creation of a performance.

Through a really open and interesting discussion about dramaturgy and character, quality and sense in circus performances, we approach some new concepts for me as pre-performance or post-performance.  We did an exercise to create the pre-performance, we were asked what’s the most annoying thing of a performance (as audience or as performer or creator) then you have to create a pre-performance of your piece incorporating this “annoying thing”.  Also you could try to tell the same story but with a different quality, or you can swap or shake rolls.  This work allows to many other variations to happen. It helps to take the piece to unexpected places, giving another way of thinking and another way of looking into the piece.
Post-performance would be something that could happen to a character or an object of the piece two months, 3 years later in time for example…

We talk about how important is to use different structures playing with the time line of the story. “Beginning by sudden, inevitable progress and ending with a surprise” it was interesting to see during the festival how many of the contemporary performances are playing with all of these concepts.