Teaching how to be a performer – Method learned by Beth in Australia

Beth from the National Centre for Circus Arts (UK) presents a new method she’s learned during her mobility project at NICA and Flying Fruit Fly Circus in Australia:

One of the key methods I took away during the exchange was the importance of teaching youth students how to be a performer. This may seem like an obvious statement; on watching the programme set up at the Fruitflies, they have established a great mixture of performance & technical skills training. The outcome being very mature, confident and well-rounded students.

Reflecting on our current programme set up, I realised that we heavily focus on technical skills rather than how to be a performer.   This is clearly a key skill and some change is necessary to provide better outcomes for our students when they move out of training and into the industry.

Since returning to the UK, I’ve already started to implement some performance classes. I’m excited to see the outcome and how our students will respond.