Testimony – Elena Ludwig’s project in Estonia

Elena Ludwig from Spain tells us about her mobility project with Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Tallin, Estonia).

My name is Elena and I come from Spain. I appreciate the opportunity I was given by the Federation of socioeducational circus schools of Spain which gave me the opportunity to participate in this project. Our methodology is based on the socioeducational circus, in order to give children the skills for social and educational development through various disciplines of circus.

I travelled to Suure-Janni, a little town in Estonia, where the school Tsirkusestuudio Folie arranged a summer camp for children and gave me the opportunity to participate in it.

Before travelling to Estonia I thought that the language could be a communication barrier, but my surprise when I arrived there was that almost every person I met could speak English. I had only some troubles with the language with some children of the camp because they didn’t speak English but other children translated for me.

During the eight days of the camp I had the opportunity to watch and learn the teaching methodology used by the teachers of that school.

Children could learn and improve disciplines as acrobatics, aerials, partner acrobatics, juggling and equilibrium, as well as the creativity, something I think is one of the most important skill to develop on children. I tried to participate and take part in all the workshops to learn as much as I could during that week.

During that week, the children had also to prepare a final performance to show the last day to their families.

I liked to see how they were preparing those performances during that week, and how teachers leaded them. I will also work with our kids in Spain more on the artistic point of view.

But not everything on the camp were the workshops, we also had some free time. As the camp was held in a small village in the countryside, excursions to the lake were organized and also many games in which kids had great fun.

At the end of my time in Estonia, I could visit Tallinn. High and beautiful walls surround the old town and it is very nice to walk through its streets where you can find several viewpoints overlooking the Baltic Sea.

I recommend other people to join this project for all the reasons I gave before.

Meeting people and see other points of view allow you keeping your mind open and grow personally and professionally.

Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I have more circus teaching skills and feel more confident to teach children. I feel motivated to keep on working through this direction in our community, giving opportunities to children to develop confidently in the society.