Testimony – Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk’s project in the UK


Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk from Spain tells us about his mobility project with the National Centre for Circus Arts (London, United Kingdom)

Hello all of you!

My name is Rafael Jack Sánchez Mc Guirk. I’m from a little town called Rota, it’s situated in the south of Spain (Andalucía) and I became interested in Circus when, by the age of  16 I started playing diabolo with my cousin; That first day was enough to let me know I wanted to dedicate all my time to it!. After that, around 2007, I met other jugglers and we decided to  create a Youth Circus Association (Mc Bonaro Circus Project) with the purpose of spreading Circus Arts as a cultural and artistic resource in our community.


When our Youth Circus Association Project started, there weren’t any other groups around or a network with which we could exchange teaching methods and learn other circus skills or technics, so at the time I was studying a university degree in Social Education I decided to move on an Erasmus project to Italy and discover, learn and work with the social circus Italian network.
Today’s situation in Spain has changed: “Mc Bonaro Circus Project” is improving thanks to the membership with the new Spanish Federation for Social and Youth Circus (F.E.E.C.S.E).


As we’ve always been in contact with Social Circus, my motivation to participate in this project was related to my desire to visit a real professional circus school in which I could  have the opportunity to discover a professional approach, other technics, methods, experiences… and The Circus Space was an amazing opportunity!


During my mobility at the National Centre for Circus Arts I participated in a teacher training of Acrobatics and Aerials that was extremely interesting and useful for me!

It was very profitable because it was designed for beginners (teacher and participants) so the training was very detailed on the technics, principles and dynamics related to both disciplines.


Parallel to the teacher training and an intensive research of circus literature in the library of The Circus Space, I did tourism around London. I visited all London’s important museums and palaces, I walked down a large number of streets, squares and parks.
The city of London was beatiful and I loved to see so many different cultures and traditions cohabiting together all the time, everywhere!

I am very happy and satisfied about this exchange, thanks to the Erasmus + Project I now feel that I have the knowledge and the necessary competences for designing an acrobatics and aerial beginners workshop for my circus students.

This is very important for me because since I started teaching circus in 2007, I’ve only thought juggling because of my complete ignorance and fear over other circus technics I’ve never experienced before: especially acrobatics and aerials!

Another good thing about the experience is that I met other circus teachers from different parts of England. They had become colleagues and a resource for future projects and obstacles!


This was one of the best experiences ever!

I absolutely recommend others to participate in an Erasmus + exchange!, especially if you live in a region in which there’s not many resources and alternatives to learn and do what you like to do. It’s an experience that inriches you personal and professional life!