Final Seminar – Day 2


The second day began with the launch of “The first meeting of circus schools from around the world” – the name chosen by Circulatore as the visibility and dissemination event that has been arranged by Circulatore to make our network and achievements more visible and also to share international good practice. The morning was attended by local people, students, professionals and other interested parties. Partners had the chance to showcase their work and the achievements that have been realised through SCREAM. Public attendees were very enthusiastic to share in this session and asked questions of the presenters and generally contributed to the success of this first session.



Following on from the morning workshops the first afternoon workshop had a more practical focus, Glen from NCCA delivering a movement workshop creating magic with his tips for core strength as a method of creating better and safer movement ranges. The whole audience participated in this with some volunteers demonstrating the techniques on stage.



After a presentation of our ‘clown packs’ from Circulatore we enjoyed a visit to Puebla old town where Julio showed the group around and some of our braver participants even tried grasshoppers – a local delicacy.