Final Seminar – Day 3


The day began with the second stage of our 1st Encuentro de Esculas Circo del Mundo 2016, where our group and local public were offered presentations from Spain, Australia and Mexico. This was followed by a shared lunch to which press were also invited to disseminate further the results of Suitcase Circus SCREAM so far.



What an amazing experience to go to the circus inside a university. Suitcase Circus SCREAM participants topped off the dissemination and visibility day with offering workshops to both the local community and students on a circus degree course at Universidad MesoAmericana

Whilst Rika from Belgium delivered an adult and child course to an eager group of 15 local children supported by students from the University,

Hernan from Spain engaged students and the local community in a clowning workshop.

AND FINALLY Glen from the UK helped students to achieve stretches they did not know were possible, lengthening their muscles using his breathing techniques and core stability magic. SCREAM participants who were not delivering the workshops got involved in support roles, or just joined in for their own professional development.