Handstand Techniques – Method learned by Terje in Australia

Terje Bernadt from Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Tallin, Estonia) share with us a new method she’s learned during her mobility project in Australia:

“The schools in Australia have a very good acrobatics program that has been worked out during many years as a result of a mixture of many influences and different schools (i.e. Chinese, French etc.).
My focus was on handstand techniques. I studied teaching methods that are used by trainers in NICA and the Flying FruitFly Circus. One interesting point is that the trainers actually don’t teach the same way to everyone, but the programs are tailored for each student according to body type, flexibility and gender. The students have full assistance until they can do the element on their own well enough to perform corrections while standing. The 3 different types of handstands must be mastered to be on top and to compete for jobs all over the world. I have now the handstand conditioning program used for professional students and I have mixed it with my own program that I have used.
I also learned about curriculum and we had a rather interesting discussion with one of the program leaders about the necessity of a curriculum. Is the curriculum flexible enough?
On the 21st century there are very high demands on artists and a performing artist should be a multi-talent to be successful. So, the schools have a very complicated task to prepare those artists, having responsibility not to produce more jobless people.