Kids’ evolution – Method learned by Daniel in Chile

Daniel from Everything is Possible (UK) presents a new method he’s learnt during his mobility project at El Circo Del Mundo in Chile:

During my course of Social Circus, I’ve learnt many games and dynamics with circus elements, but other things that I learnt was that when we are working with kids with problems we need to follow the evolution.

They explain us different ways to evaluate and different things to have in consideration. They explain us the importance of the circle during the class: circle of welcome, circle of training…. but for me more important is the circle of evaluation at the end of every session. There everybody have the chance to say how they feel of what they didn’t like.

In my school we have the problem that we make drop in sessions, so we don’t have the same kids every week, new ones comes constantly and other only came once a month. For that reason is difficult to follow the evolution or work with them at the same rhythm. But in somehow we need to follow their evolution, especially in behaviour. Maybe the drop in session is something that we need to change.