Testimony – Daniel’s project in Chile


Daniel from Everything is Possible (UK) tells us about his mobility project  at El Circo Del Mundo in Chile:

Hi, my name is Daniel Santamaria and I’m actually teaching circus in a community circus school in Leeds.

This travel was a great opportunity to learn more about social circus.

I went to Circo del Mundo in Santiago, capital of Chile. There was a course to certificate new Social Circus Trainers. The course was 2 weeks of classes, 4 hours a day; 2 hours of technique (acrobatics, juggling, clown and security) and 2 of psychology and tools for intervention (vulnerability, socioemocials ability, planning and evaluation).  El Circo del Mundo, was supported by the Cirque Du Soleil and they follow their methodology and with more than 20 years of experience they have created their own as well.

During the course I met really good people, I learnt a lot of skills, games and dynamics that I can  share now in my school. As well,  we had a makeup course with Carolina and a petit Volant workshop with Nilton.

In the beginning of the course I didn’t agree with the practical classes because was more about develop my technique than learn how to teach, so I talked with the people there and we found the way to learn from each other. But finally I realise that games and dynamics help people to make group, but just Circus help a lot. The discipline, overcome fears, proud to get a trick, show in front of an audience… So finally I will try to make more Circus and physic sport than just games, because when your body is ready, can learn faster.
Nilton as well showed me a little school that he is opening now in a village in the south. It was impressive the way they train the young people, doing hard conditioning and having a very good technique level being so young. Also that they were doing that with small infrastructure.

I saw a show of a group of clowns that were travelling for some little village, to make people happy.

Village where normally they don’t have cultural events. It was funny to help them with the set-up.
I had the opportunity to visit some places: Valparaiso, climb the mountains near Santiago and the south. Things that impress me was all the colours in the streets, many dogs all around (but people treat them well) and the smoke (pollution) in Santiago. It’s a flat City but I didn’t saw many cyclist there. People told me that sometimes it’s better to don’t do any outdoor sport because of the pollution and that in winter many people have flu or respiratory problems.
I visit as well the Museum of the Memory and the Human Rights, and Museum Precolombine. The first one impressed me because it was about the Military dictatorship and the repression and fault of free expression.

For me one of the most inspiring things I learnt In Chile is that only the 2% of the government money is use for Culture, but the impressive thing is that all in Chile is culture, I met really good musicians, circus artists in all the parks and traffics lights, performances every weekend in social centres and small circus schools, awesome graffiti decorating many walls and performances in the streets.

That make me understood that when the government try to stop something natural, the people just grow stronger. So thank to ERASMUS+ and EIP to give chance to people.