Strength exercises – Method learned by Terje in Chile

Terje Bernadt from Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Tallin, Estonia) share with us a new method she’s learned during her mobility project with El Circo del Mundo (Santiago, Chile):

“The professional school of el Circo del Mundo uses majority of the space in the main location near the Pajaritos station. All their trainings are in one place and the same space – a tent. We followed many different trainings and most interesting for us was to watch the creative pieces of the young artists.

However, about the method. I think it is correct to point out here that the general training for acrobatics was really interesting for us. It was given by Sebastian Banados. There were 18 students, mostly boys, or perhaps I should say men. This one period lasted for 3 hrs, as it usually does and the training consisted of short bits of different elements and short lectures of biomechanics and anatomy. Probably this is the only time when the students get the kind of a course and it is important for professionals to know about the funtioning of their bodies. My question was that is it right to bring down tempo so many times during the warm up, since usually during the warm-up or general training we also train endurance. My colleague pointed out then, that the training lasts really long with perhaps just 1 pause for drinking before the tumbling part, so this method gives those little breaks of rest for the body. After the short lecture, where he also involves the students (perhaps 5 min), he quickly brings up tempo again.
Physically this general training consisted of a small choice of warming up exercises, several of them in pairs; strength exercises in 3 groups, flexibility excercises also in groups, a small part of tumbling with the focus on salto techniques and final stretching.

While we do a choice of strength exercises the chileans do all of them. This gives them such a good preparation for anything, especially for aerials. And this is what they are strong at.”


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