Teaching and built up of the lesson – Method learned by Maarja Roolaht in Argentina

Well I learnt some tricks on aerial silk, it is a discipline I don’t practice at home. But the most useful methods I learnt were about the teaching and the built up of the lesson. It was a bit different then I am used to see or do myself. During the warm up of every lesson the teacher actually took the exercises from all different kinds of disciplines which I thought to be a useful method of showing students the possibilities that are out there and widening their point of view. And as well another teaching method that I made the conclusion over body language and tiny skills of Spanish that they are able to be very strict but at the same time so hostile and warm. But not to forget what is the aim and how to reach it. There was a spotlight for teaching concentration but at the same time doing it really so it’s unseen. And so with different workshops. I enjoyed that part and wish to put it into practice.