Testimony – Maarja Roolaht’s project in Argentina

Maarja Roolaht from Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Estonia) tells us about her mobility project with El Circo Social del Sur (Argentina)

In my project I visited different circus locations in Buenos Aires and as well participated in some of the workshops. During the project there was also happening a circus festival and I had the chance to see some great shows they had in their program. Feeling very joyful because of that thus got some great motivation also to work more on an artistic point of view.

There was some language barrier. I think it was stronger while exchanging e-mails. And before the project actually started for me. Thus I had difficulties understanding what and how is exactly going to happen. As well in participating in the workshops it was nice the locals really tried to speak English and I could understand also a lot with the help of body and gesture language. It would be also nice if I could speak more of the local language but it was too short period of time for me to learn it. But I sure felt that the language barrier made also some other barriers during the project.

There wasn’t too big of a cultural shock, thus I had heard some things about the city and people and of course I had some expectations or I was ready for a bigger shock, maybe that’s why it wasn’t too shocking. Which I think is also a good thing. Would not like to be too shocked during such a project.

During my free time I was mostly randomly walking around the city and visiting some museums and sightseeing objects. The other half of the time there was actually one other participant of the project there and we the two of us shared some of the time together.

Professionally I learnt different methods example how to built up a training and communicate to the students.Where to put more attention in to and how it should work all together. Personally it was a nice challenge to go this far all alone mostly depending on myself and my communication skills.

Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I now feel more confident in what I am doing and that I should participate in more projects like this even alone, or especially alone (by alone I mostly mean that there’s no more people from my sending organisation with me thus I feel the learning is bigger this way). But for sure I’d recommend to people to take part of this kind of a project.