Teaching Plan for Conducting Trainings – Method learned by Eero Druus in the UK

Eero Druus from Folie (Estonia) presents a method he learned during his mobility project with the National Centre for Circus Arts (London, United Kingdom):

In the beginning all students need to understand what is what.

First need explained A and B –  principles of movements and preparation.

All exercises are based on the basics and give further thousands of possibilities.

Explain all components from the beginning to the end, then student understand how to achieve results. Student can take more part in process and is able to work independently. The coach will certainly give feedback.

Example: Much useful in aerial acrobatics is to explain the nature of movement, static position, rotation and not train routinely and numbly one exercise.

Better if all trainers have same principles  in  circus school, of course exercises and a way how to reach exercise can be different, but always explained: why we do this and for what it is useful.