Testimony – Eero Druus’s project in the UK

Eero Druus from Folie (Estonia) tells us about his mobility project with the National Centre for Circus Arts (London, United Kingdom)

My name is Eero Druus. I am working in circus studio ‘’Folie’’. I give to children acrobatics, banquine, tumbling trainings. I have coaches 5-th level (Estonian certificate). Also I do technical work in ‘’Folie’’ and all aerial acrobatics rigging. So, I am very interested about training methods, technical part in National Center of Circus Arts in London and of course all about safe rigging.

In first day,  Glen Stewart explain how trainings system works, how coaches work with different level participants and students and professionals. He told about school training philosophy and coaches motivation.

In other days, I observed trainings, talk with coaches about different possibilities to learn circus skills. In the evening time I had possibility to observe trainings of professional artist. Two days the local technicians explained to me what equipment they use in school and how they make the rigging safe way.

My English is not perfect, but I did not have any communication problems and all people in school were very nice and kind. In the evenings I mostly observed trainings of professional artists and also explored London.

I learned how big circus school works. How was build up trainings for different participants, lot of new advices and ideas. I get useful information about rigging and technical part.

I had been in London several times in circus festivals, but anyway was interesting and I got new experiences.
I would recommend this Erasmus+project to other circus teachers. I am very thankful for this possibility to take part of this Erasmus+project. I am more experienced and motivated to work in circus field. I am very glad for this project and I thank You all
Eero Druus