Teaching security techniques – Method learned by Ohiane in Mexico

Ohiane from Everything is Possible (UK) presents a new method she’s learned during her mobility project in Mexico:

I’ve learn many dynamics and exercises to improve my methodoly and teaching skills in different fields (juggling, acrobatics, handstands, balance…) And I was so fortunate to see a book: “Circus Techniques and Physics” that the doctor Hector Yzquierdo is working on but something I would like to highlight and share is a great workshop we had about security techniques in Circus with Elohim Lovera.


I learnt some new nuts, as a quick and basic one that were used a lot in traditional circus known as “nudo cochino” and some other more complicated. I also learn different ways of rigging or attach circus equipment with wires. For me, mainly was the point that Elo highlight and it’s the importance of working the body and the joints as your first security technique and second the great importance of knowing and teaching security techniques to any artist, teacher or student which sometimes doesn’t happen, and people are not told how to rig or how to make a simple nut even when they’ve been aerialist for years.