Testimony – Lizeth Wolk’s project in Spain

Lizeth Wolk from Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Estonia) tells us about her mobility project in Spain

Im am Lizeth Wolk from Estonia, currently I work as a teacher and a performer in my home country and travel around with different projects and shows. I graduated from a circus school in 2015 in Finland, Lahti and I´ve been teaching kids, adults and dancers for 3/4 years now. I have specialized in aerial diciplines but im also really fond of floor movement (acro etc. combinging it with dance and physical theatre).
I took part of Suitcase Circus´es mobility project SCREAM in the end of May, beginning of this June in Madrid. Our youth circus Folie has been involved with this project longer now, and I felt that the Madrid course could be interesting for me to see how other groups are working with kids, what are their methods and how are they training their students.

We got to see loads of classes for younger age group and I was facinated how well the kids behaved and how in control the teachers were.

As the Carrampa school is using music to communicate with the smaller kids, the little ones were very focused and calm and it was pleasant to see that. It was a pity that the older students weren´t having so many lessons due to the shows and rehearsals that they had that time. It would of been fun to see them in action as well . We also attended daily meetings about different topics such as: social circus, how the Carrampa school works, how do the teaching methods in the university programm operate, circus history and the situation of circus in different countrys that were taking part of the programme.
I was accomodated in a flat near the city centre and near to the circus school so the location was perfect. Everything was close by and easy to walk to. And the area was peacful and beautiful.

I did not have a huge cultural shock during the project, but getting used to the “spanish time” was a bit funny. People in Spain are so chilled out that nothing happens as scheduled, which was interesting to get use to:)
Our group was full of wonderful people with different backrounds and beautiful stories to tell (especially Franco! Thank you for inspiring us). Through this experience I can try out new ways of teaching and approching the students.

I learnt a lot about how to make kids enjoy themselves and be well behaved at the same time. How do other circus groups organize their trainings and what systems they have within their social programmes. Im sure the progamme will be helpful to develop the system here in tiny Estonia.

So once again big thanks for making it happen and I´d deffinitely recommend Erasmus+ project to anyone who is even slightly thinking about taking part of it.
And a big thank you for Ohiane, Donald and Vasily for making the experience wonderful.