Testimony – Franco Ortiz’s project in Spain


Franco Ortiz from El Circo Social del Sur tells us about his mobility project in Spain.

In July I made my first mobility project (and experience) in Europe. It was very good I made friends on the plane but could not rest so nervous  in Germany to take my flight to Spain and the Germans I spoke in their language and I did not understand anything to which I asked to speak in English  .  made me happy because I am currently studying English   to me was very interesting

Once in Spain I feel very happy and tired from the long trip, but did not want to sleep in the morning because I wanted to take the rest of the day to visit.

This project was one of the best experiences of my life as a circus student.

It was a great pleasure to share methods , meet important people, learn different methods, discuss, exchange .

This trip made ​​me believe that it may be possible and depends only on my effort made ​​me happy to know many methods of practice . talks at lunch I liked a lot because I am a newbie to speak circus but I loved listening to all managers of other institutions and I learned a lot.

I have to thank this project because now I ‘m motivated to follow my dream that is the circus.

One of the techniques I learned is to balance the hands of a school teacher Caramba improve my technical and now I can make a hand I’m very happy thanks !!