The ‘Circomotrics’ philosophy – Method learned by Kate Evans in Spain

Kate Evans from The National Centre for Circus Arts (London, United Kingdom) presents a method she learned during her mobility project in Spain:

Following Rika’s workshops I have learnt about ‘Circomotrics’ a movement philosophy designed around the learning of circus acrobatic moves and play with children. The philosophy was developed with Veronica Sherbourne, a physiotherapist & physical education teacher, and Rika has developed her philosophy through many years of working with people of all ages, with a focus for Circomotrics on young children’s learning. According to Sherburne, children have two very basic need- to feel at home in their own bodies and to be able to form relationships. Family Circus offers support & development for both these requirements, as it works simultaneously with parent & child in circus & movement. The ideas I take from Rikas sessions are to pare down my teaching & start with simplicity, rather than over load & over stimulate a child’s brain with numerous equipment & activities; which can lead to over excitement & loss of focus. I feel encouraged to draw more on stories and visual mental images to compliment & assist the child’s learning experience. This approach is something I was beginning to develop independently, that of stories & themes within a class, but this has given me some fresh inspiration as well as a body of material to begin with. I shall now be factoring in Circomotics into many of my sessions, with a specific led session every few weeks