Testimony – Kaupo Pilder’s project in Belgium

Kaupo Pilder from Tsirkusestuudio Folie (Estonia) tells us about his mobility project in Belgium:

My name is Kaupo and I am from Circus Studio Folie (Tallinn, Estonia). I am a trainer in Folie. When I first heard of this project, I was really curious to learn more about techniques and methods what other similar organizations are using.


I went to see and observe how circus trainers are working in Circus in Beweging in Leuven, Belgium.

It was a job shadowing of trainers and teachers in that circus. Also there was Extreme Convention happening near by and I went there. There was a lot of workshops and skillsharing. But mainly I was in the Circus in Beweging training halls and observing the trainings and taking part some of them. Taking notes about methods and techniques. I observed a juggling class, music class and different parkour and acrobatic classes. I liked them a lot.


Accommodation was in the circus school and food was really nice. I lived next to EVS volunteer who was volunteering in circus and she helped me with a lot of thing. There was a kitchen what we used and so we cooked to ourselfves and it was really really nice.


When we had some free time, we went to do local sightseeing. Leuven is not a big city so one day we cycled around it and I saw almost all the tourist attractions in one day. Also some cool non-city places.


I did not have any kind of cultural shock, because I guess our countries are kind of near to each other and almost the same size also. But people are friendly and cycling a lot more than in Estonia.


I learned a lot during this week in Leuven. I learned a lot about the circus culture in Belgium and most important I learned a lot about teaching methods.

It’s a bit different than in my circus, but it’s really nice to see how it works somewhere else. I learned new ways to do some exercises and new ways to success in some disciplines in circus. Now I have ideas how to teach something better or how to help some of my students to achieve their goals.


I really would like to give that kind of experience to any person no matter what they are doing, I think everyone should have that kind of opportunities and I really recommend this kind of Erasmus+ projects to everyone. Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I learned a lot new things and my worldview has widened a lot.